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Selasa, 09 Agustus 2011

Free Download Windows 7 with SP1 All Editions (x86/x64) English

Bagi yang komputernya masih menggunakan Windos XP ataupun Vista, kini saat nya upgrade windows anda ke versi Windows 7 with All Editions x86/x64 English.
Berikut review lengkapnya.
Windows 7 It comes with most windows installers Ultimate, Home Edition, Professional, Enterprise, etc, etc, etc, with SP1.
x86 package includes:
* Starter Edition
* Home Basic Edition
* Home Premium Edition
* Professional Edition
* Ultimate Edition
x64 package includes:
* Home Basic Edition
* Home Premium Edition
* Professional Edition
* Ultimate Edition

Difference between Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate (Enterprise):

- Windows 7 Home Premium
Sold as basic version in USA, UK, etc.
* Full Windows Aero
* Home Group (create and join)
* Multi-Touch
* Premium Games
* Media Center
Windows 7 Professional
For business use.
All features of Windows 7 Home Premium +
* Windows Server Domain
* Remote Desktop Server
* Location aware printing
* Encryption
* Presentation
- Windows 7 Ultimate (sold as Enterprise to large companies)
For enthusiasts and high-end PC’s.
All features of Windows 7 Professional +
* AppLocker
* BitLocker Drive Encryption
* BranchCache Distributed Cache
* DirectAccess
* Multilingual User Interface Pack
* Virtual Hard Disk Booting
Windows 7 Minimum System Requirements (Excluded for Virtual Machine):
-1GHz Processor
-1GB RAM (x86) or 2GB (x64)
-DirectX 9 Graphics Card
-128 MB Video Memory
1. burn to dvd or boot of usb!
2. choose ya version of windows 7
3. install it will auto activate accoridng to you own oem for your pc
4. for any strange reasons it does not activate! use the “Windows 7 Loader eXtreme Edition v3 503-NAPALUM” let it auto activate your windows!
5. this has sp1 intregated! so enjoy! you can upgrade previous version of windows 7 to sp1 only! as well :)
Berikut informasi link download nya yang saya dapatkan dari beberapa sumber di internet.

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